English courseware designed for the new reality of hybrid education

Our digital course brings innovation, technology, and efficient methodologies to your schools, and it is the perfect solution for hybrid English teaching.

English at School

Is your school ready to teach english?

English at School

Education is undergoing a revolution. Hybrid teaching and the use of digital technologies in the classroom is already a reality and schools need to adapt.

Our digital courseware is the perfect solution for teaching English in schools that want to keep up with the transformation that is taking place in education.

English that works

Our innovative teaching material is based on a fully interactive teaching methodology, developed for schools that want their students to actually learn English in-house, without the need for external language courses. Check out our differentials:

Courseware for Hybrid English Teaching

Hybrid education

Flexge's pedagogical basis is hybrid learning (blended learning), which allows the personalization of learning by combining the use of an online platform with regular classroom activities.

Active Methodology for Teaching English

Active methodology

With Flexge, the student studies English in an active way, interacting with the platform, recording their speech, and analyzing the feedback with our pronunciation assessment tool, identifying independently the points in which they need to improve.

Flipped Classroom for Teaching English

Flipped classroom

The challenges proposed by the platform make the student study English continuously outside the school environment, being able to use the time in the classroom for exercises and pedagogical support with their teacher.

Digital English Material for Schools

Discover how we can make your school a reference in English teaching!

Gamified English Lessons

Gamified english course

Make teaching English more interesting and fun, engaging your students and making your school a reference in language teaching.

Gamified English Grading System

Scoring system

On our platform, your students earn points as they complete the exercises and advance through the content, participating in fun rankings with other students.

Gamified Experience

Progressive stage unlocking

Our system works like a game, adapted for children and young people, generating a high degree of engagement and practice from the students.

Gamified English Ranking


Aligned with the best gamification techniques, our system offers achievement certificates according to the student's performance.

What do we offer?

Flexge Kids - English For Kids

Children from 6 to 10 years old

Innovative English teaching material for children, focused on the development of speaking and listening skills.

Playful teaching material

Fully gamified, Flexge Kids involves children in playful and interactive activities.

Content of pre-a1 and a1 levels

Benefit from a learning path based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages that will take them up to level A1.

Flexge Academic - English For Teens and Adults

Focus on listening and speaking

It is differentiated by the use of technology oriented to the development of conversational skills in English.

Complete learning path

Work with a learning path based on the CEFR, in which your students advance as their level of proficiency evolves.

Different types of exercises

Our digital courseware has dozens of types of exercises that work on all four language skills, which makes studying less tiring and repetitive.

Administrative Dashboard for Teachers and Principals

Real-time reporting

Access reports on the evolution in the teaching-learning process of each student, with data that can guide your work.

Discover their difficulties

Based on the reports generated, identify the needs that the student has and target your classes to go deeper into these contents with him.

Manage classes and students

Manage individual lessons or student classes as the pedagogical manager, registering and consulting information whenever you want.

App For Parents

Exclusive app for parents

Provides access to the app we have developed for parents and guardians and involves the family in the teaching-learning process.

Access to the children's audios

Provides tutors with audios of students speaking English and allows parents to observe students' progress.

Customized reports

Gives access to numerous reports of student performance in comparison to international language proficiency metrics.

What our partners say

Discover how our digital learning material works

International standard english certificates

Our digital courseware complies with the parameters established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), which classifies the proficiency levels in A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

English with Certification

Certified english

Before starting their studies with Flexge, the student takes a placement test on the platform itself to find out their proficiency level.

At the end of each course, the student takes a test and if they achieve the results determined by the CEFR, they are awarded a certificate that proves their language skills.

Verify your certificate's validity

Enter your Flexge certificate validation code in the field below for confirmation.

Celebrate your students' achievements

Organize events to award certificates and reward the achievements of your students in our ranking and celebrate this moment with their families.


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