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Improve your English teaching with technology to personalize instruction and make learning more engaging for students. Automate repetitive tasks and free up more time to focus on teaching!

English Language Material for Private Teachers
Preparing Lesson Plans

Tired of preparing your lesson plans?

Preparing Lesson Plans

Preparing content for classes can be very tiring. Moreover, this activity takes up a good part of the teacher's time, which could be dedicated to the student's teaching-learning process.

With Flexge, you not only have all the exercises and assessments ready and automatically graded, but you also have access to pre-designed Lesson Plans featuring dynamic and interactive activities.

The best teaching material for private teachers

We are a complete English teaching system, ideal for private teachers who want to improve their teaching through technology.

Online English Exercises

+31.000 available exercises

Thousands of gamified exercises to help your students learn English.

CEFR Standard Learning Path

Complete learning path

Work with a learning path based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

English Lesson Planning

Lesson planning

Access real-time reports of the activities performed and identify the educational needs of your students.

English Language Material for Private Teachers

Raise the bar for your english classes

Unlock your student's speaking skills

Pronunciation Assessment Tool

Our course material has an advanced technological tool that provides detailed pronunciation feedback

The student records their own voice speaking English and our tool compares their pronunciation with that of native speakers, assigns a score and points out areas where the student needs to improve.

The student can also listen separately to each word recorded by them and by the native speaker, identifying how to improve their pronunciation.

Pronunciation Assessment Tool

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What do we offer?

Flexge Kids - English for Children

Children from 6 to 10 years old

Innovative English teaching material for children, focused on the development of speaking and listening skills.

Playful teaching material

Fully gamified, Flexge Kids involves children in playful and interactive activities.

Content of Pre-A1 and A1 levels

Benefit from a learning path based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages that will take them up to level A1.

Flexge Academic - English for Teens and Adults

Focus on listening and speaking

It is differentiated by the use of technology oriented to the development of conversational skills in English.

Complete learning path

Work with a learning path based on the CEFR, in which your students advance as their level of proficiency evolves.

Different types of exercises

Our digital courseware has dozens of types of exercises that work on all four language skills, which makes studying less tiring and repetitive.

Administrative Dashboard for Teachers and Principals

Real-time reporting

Access reports on the evolution in the teaching-learning process of each student, with data that can guide your work.


Based on the reports generated, identify the needs that the student has and target your classes to go deeper into these contents with them.

Manage classes and students

Manage individual lessons or student classes as the pedagogical manager, registering and consulting information whenever you want.

App for Parents

Exclusive app for parents

Provides access to the app we have developed for parents and guardians and involves the family in the teaching-learning process.

Access to the children's audios

Provides tutors with audios of students speaking English and allows parents to observe students' progress.

Customized reports

Gives access to numerous reports of student performance in comparison to international language proficiency metrics.

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