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An English teaching solution designed for your business

Learn about the different segments in which we operate and how we can help you increase your students' satisfaction and fluency.

English Language Material for Private Teachers


Find out how our learning path helps you serve more students with less work in lesson planning.

English Language Material for Companies


Check out how your team can learn English, whenever and wherever they want, in a simple and uncomplicated way.

What makes us different?

Understand what makes our methodology more efficient and truly effective.

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Whitelabel Solution

OUR SOLUTION, YOUR BRAND: the advantages of the white label model

Have you ever thought about having a platform and app for English teaching without the need for investments in research, software development, and content production? With Flexge, you have the most advanced technology to offer this significant benefit to your students.

Provide an app for your students to study with your business' branding.
You don't need to build anything from scratch: save time and development costs.
Let us handle technology updates while you focus on growing your business.
Count on the support of a highly qualified team to assist you and your students.

Where We Are

We are an international company that is proud to be in 15 different countries.

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Flexge in numbers


Several thematic modules within each course, and language content in a contextualized and natural way.


Your students will be able to listen and compare their pronunciation with that of native speakers, helping them learn real English.


Our pronunciation assessment tool allows students to improve their pronunciation and lose the fear or self-consciousness of speaking English.


The number of students who have already used our digital learning material and learned English with us.

English certificates in accordance with the international standard

Our digital learning material follows the parameters of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which classifies the level of proficiency into A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

English with Certification


Before starting their studies with Flexge, students take a placement test on the platform itself to find out their proficiency level.

At the end of each course, students take a test and if they achieve the criteria set by the CEFR, they obtain a certificate that demonstrates their language skills.

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