With Flexge, your team learns english whenever and wherever they want

Have a bilingual team! Offer a qualified English course as a benefit to all your employees. With our solution for companies, they can learn English starting from their current level and study at any time and place.

English Platform for Companies

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What we can provide for your company

English as a Benefit in Companies
Training and Implementation of the English Platform

Implementation training

In addition to a complete onboarding, we also provide training on the methodology and functionalities of the digital courseware.

International Proficiency Standard CEFR

International fluency standard

With a complete learning path that complies with the standards of the Common European Framework (CEFR), we provide information about the proficiency level of your team.

Progress Reports on the Platform

Progress reports and engagement

Track your team's performance on our platform, through historical performance data, study time, and several other indicators organized in a clear and objective way.

Customer Success Support

Customer success support

Benefit from the support of a highly qualified team prepared to answer all your questions about the best practices and eventual problems found in the platform.

Personalized English

Personalized content per student

Before studying with our digital courseware, all members of your team will have access to a placement test that will determine the most suitable course for them, according to their proficiency level.

Native Speakers' Audios

100% audios recorded by native speakers

All the audio exercises are recorded by native speakers, bringing the students closer to real English, improving their listening and speaking skills.

Are you ready to make your team bilingual?

Discover your team's English proficiency level

We have a quick and uncomplicated CEFR (Common European Framework) placement test that allows you to diagnose the proficiency level of your entire team quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the placement test ensures that your employees advance in their language study according to their proficiency level.

Placement Tests for the Entire Company
English as a Benefit

Quality education for your benefits program

With the data provided by our administrative system, your company has valuable information on the effectiveness of providing English education as a benefit to your employees.

English as a Benefit in Companies

Effectively impact the entire company

Use technology to create a continuous and effective learning environment so your employees can truly achieve English fluency.

English Platform for Companies

Track your team’s progress

Have real-time access to your employee’s English level improvement in accordance to international standards of language proficiency.

Find out how our digital learning material works

Rely on an advanced pronunciation feedback tool

Our course material has an advanced technological tool that provides detailed pronunciation feedback.

The student records their own voice speaking English and our tool compares the student's pronunciation with that of native speakers, assigns a score, and points out areas where the student needs to improve.

They can even listen to each word recorded by them and the native speaker separately, identifying how to improve their pronunciation.

Pronunciation Assessment Tool


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